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13 June 2013 @ 01:28 pm
Week one: The Potters  

This is my second starting family, the Potters. Pretty obvious what the naming theme is this time XD. This is just a normal family as they rolled to have no challenges

This is Dean. He's a romance/popularity sim and here are his stats:
Turn ons/offs: Blondes; custom/fat people
LTW: Become hall of famer

To unlock the athletic career i need a player owned sports themed lot. So that's what Dean will be saving up for. Also, writing this i notice i've given him the same turn ons/offs as Rinoa. Oops.

He starts off with $24,000 so he gets a better house than Rinoa

It has two floors, but the top floor is a shell for now. Building the house has left him with barely any money

First thing he does? Lounge around. but i'm not having any of that. We need money, quickly

So i send him out to get digging

Mr Humble's computer will come in handy for selling to get some extra money. The gym i built is around $25,000

Daryl (simplesimphony). He really does not appreciate the random stray that went up to him

The welcome wagon consists of Lobo (simplesimphony), that's it. And he's looking slightly different as i decided to change my alien skin default as i didn't like the grey one so much any more

I have Dean greet him as i'd like my families to get on, seeing as they have to populate this city together

However Lobo is more interested in catching butterflies

Not going to happen!

This is what Dean has dug up by the end of the first day

Fire! I love how the fire makes Dean's cuisine interest go up XD

He looks pretty calm about it though

There are no emergency services yet so Dean has to deal with it by himself

Dean: bastard fire

However i make him eat the burnt food as food is expensive and there is no grocery store yet

Annie (hollie_sims). So pretty

However she's pretty annoying towards Dean so he doesn't like her very much

Wrong number? But the discount is great anyway seeing as the house is barely furnished

Candice (hollie_sims)

This is where i should mention that Dean is a rubbish romance sim. He doesn't like any of the girls he's met so far apart from Rinoa

They are more interested in each other than him anyway

End of day two's haul

Dean: Who put that water pipe there?!

Well without it you wouldn't be able to bathe or use the toilet!

Sierra (hollie_sims). Sadly she's only interested in girls so no good for Dean

Dean manages to cook something without burning it. I was hoping for another fire but never mind

Day three's haul

Lucy (hollie_sims). finally a blonde

And he likes her! However after chatting for a while he sends her home as he still needs to make money for his gym

Day four's haul. No treasure chest today but every little helps

I sold everything apart from this little guy

Day five gets him the last treasure chest he needed

So he's able to purchase his gym! And that's the athletic career unlocked for everyone now

Its still mid-afternoon so he invites Lucy over. she brings this girl, Heidi-Anne (hollie_sims), another very pretty blonde. Dean also has two bolts with her

However he definitely prefers Lucy

She tried to steal the gnome but apparently the wall is in the way

Puffball (kezwick). they have one bolt

And Dean continues to fail at being a romance sim by denying her advances

He only has eyes for Lucy

At least he has some romance sim aspects

I love these two together :)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, Puffball is busy ventrilo-farting Heidi-Anne. Kind of pointless when no one else is around, But Heidi-Anne is embarrassed anyway, poor girl.

Lucy decided to try and steal the gnome again. I love the evil laugh they do

Dean says bye to Heidi-Anne with a kiss. Maybe woohooing Lucy has unlocked his romance aspirations

He frees the fireflies Heidi-Anne caught as i feel sorry for them being trapped in a jar

Saturday morning Dean heads down to the gym for its first opening day. There's not much there at the moment, just these machines. Outside there is a football goal and a basketball hoop

The till area includes a magazine rack and perfume stand, as people tend to be smelly after the gym and there is no shower yet

Dean, that ballet barre is for the customers, not you

Starscream (kezwick). I love how unique she looks

Not much happens at the gym so he goes home and invites Lucy over to ask her to move in

She comes with $10,000 which is great. I use some to buy a computer and TV but the rest will go towards buying new equipment for the gym. she also had a job in the medical career so i get her to quit. Here are her stats:
Turn ons/offs: red hair;brown hair/stink
LTW: Become prestidigitator

Her LTW is achievable, she just needs to max her charisma first

They bond over burnt grilled cheese sandwiches

And head to bed where love happens in more ways than one

Sunday morning and the athletic career is available so Dean accepts it straight away

Dean is a secret sims 3 player

Spur of the moment he proposes to Lucy

She happily accepts

Dean: What have i done?

I think he regrets it already

Dean: Get me out of here!

I love it when sims look out of the window though what he';s looking at i have no idea as there is nothing out there

Looks like someone is pregnant

So a quickie wedding is in order. I want children to have the proper surname

More woohoo to celebrate

First bump :)

And monday leaves us with Lucy eating cereal

And Dean watching TV

Weekly stats

Community lots: 1 (Dean's gym)
Births: 0
Deaths: 0
Jobs unlocked: 1 (Athletic for all)
Uni tax paid: $610
Total sims: 2
Fires: 1
Burglaries: 0
CAS sims earnt: 1

Week one summary

Community lots: 1
Births: 0
Deaths: 0
Jobs unlocked: Athletic (all)
Total uni tax paid: £1,910
Total number of sims: 4
Total fires: 1
Total burglaries: 0
Sims multiplier: 2
Total population: 8
Job slots taken: Athletic (1)

hollie_sims: pic#110896961hollie_sims on June 13th, 2013 05:35 pm (UTC)
So nice to see so many of my sims here! :) Glad he has chose Lucy, cant wait so see the babies!
Angelic sims: Rinoa Leonhartangelicsims on June 14th, 2013 09:41 am (UTC)
I think your sims really wanted to get into my BaCC, but i don't mind, they are all so pretty :)
simplesimphony: Sapphic Sapphire Pridesimplesimphony on June 15th, 2013 04:38 am (UTC)
Really good! Also, I've decided to take a page out of your book and charge taxes to save up for a university. I think that's the only way I'll get one in Maplecliffe. lol.
Angelic sims: Rinoa Leonhartangelicsims on June 15th, 2013 09:45 am (UTC)
I like the idea of taking uni tax before getting a uni, it takes a lot of work but i want to make the challenge as hard as possible lol