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16 June 2013 @ 01:53 pm
Week two: The Leonharts  

Here's week two of my ISBI family, the Leonharts

Lobo (simplesimphony) really really wants a bath. Shame he forgets this later on. (He's looking rather greener than the first week as i changed my alien default skin)

Seeing as the bath is occupied he starts preening. And he has a really bizarre reflection, no head. Just shoulder and a bit of chest

Then he decides to clean the toilet. Poor Rinoa just wants to bathe in peace!

Lobo just loves the sims 3

The fridge is almost empty so this will be their last freshly cooked meal for a while. They'll be living on leftovers the rest of the week as there is no grocery store yet

Rinoa is still writing the restaurant guides. i'm determined to get her community lot this week

First bump with Lobo looking on

Gossiping about Agnes (kezwick) isn't very nice. She hasn't done anything to you!

Lobo isn't very happy with the direction his life is going

But crisps make everything better

Rinoa is trying to get a garden started to stock the fridge up but winter is coming

Don't you dare electrocute yourself Rinoa!

Lobo spends a lot of spare time painting which all helps towards the funds for the restaurant

The hobby lady thinks Lobo is hot

So she invites him to her secret hangout. However he will never be able to go seeing as i'm not controlling him

Rinoa is an extremely messy eater, but she still looks cute so its fine :)

It snowed all night so they wake up to this. Now the pond will be iced over for winter there will be no fishing to stock the fridge

Not bad

They still have no TV so Lobo resorts to reading the newspaper for entertainment. I can't help but wonder how the news is when there are only two families in the hood

Second bump

Rinoa: I wish we had a magic lamp. It would solve all our money problems

She still has a little way to go but she's getting there slowly

Lobo: Life is so bad! Why did i agree to this?!

He's about to crack, poor Lobo

Computer time will make it all better?

Unlikely. The only cure for hunger is to get some damn food out of the fridge!

baby time!

Its a girl, Quistis and she has Lobo's hair and Rinoa's eyes and skin

Rinoa I can't believe i made this

She starts off being a really good mother to Quistis

Lobo, not so much.

But he tries his hardest with her

The books are selling a little better each time

Stop feeding the damn baby!

Quistis is a cutie though

Best one so far!

Quistis' birthday soon rolls round

Toddler Quistis!

She has Lobo's large alien eye shape and those cheekbones must belong to Rinoa! Hopefully she will grow into them

I gave her a more toddler suitable hairstyle but kept the clothes

Autonomous bonding. I approve :)

You'd think Lobo is acting like this because the baby stinks, but no, its him that needs a bath

And this is where Quistis' childhood begins to go bad

Drinking the mouldy milk makes her sick

Rinoa has to bath her as she was sick all over herself

At least she has toys to play with

Another one sold, almost there now

Rinoa got a warning from the social worker as Quistis was hungry. ISBI toddlers are hard to look after

Lobo is noting down his master plan to steal Dean's gnome


Rinoa always just misses taking Quistis to the potty. Its really annoying

When anything breaks, Rinoa has to fix it as she's the only controllable. At least she gets mechanical skill?

There's been barely any time for Rinoa and Lobo recently. I feel bad for them, but having a toddler in the house is taking up a lot of Rinoa's time

Rinoa looks like she has almost forgotten how to act around him

The pond has finally unfrozen in the warmth of spring so Rinoa gets fishing. They are almost out of leftovers

She catches this on her first try. looks like she is a natural...

... or not?

She finally gets Quistis on the potty but there's no time to get her potty trained now, she'll become a child soon

When rinoa has some spare time she purchases her restaurant, Seventh Heaven

Quistis may not know how to talk but she has learnt how to ask for milk

Rinoa makes a new start on the gardening as all the tomato plants died over winter

And she got struck by lightning?! I had no idea that could happen while gardening

Really, Rinoa?

You're the only controllable sim yet you are the first one to piss yourself, rather than Lobo. I'm ashamed of you!

Lobo prepares the first fresh meal in days with the fish Rinoa caught

All too soon its Quistis' birthday again

Don't be fooled by that smile

She grew up badly

Looks like she's going to be a lovely child

She then proceeds to have a tantrum so bad her foot goes through the wall

Even with the all the anger she is cute though (plus a post make over picture, the best i could get)

This picture creeps me out. she looks like she is possessed by the devil

Lobo thinks Quistis' bed looks a lot comfier than his own

Quistis does not approve

Monday morning leaves us with Rinoa studying cooking as she needs to be level eight to run her restaurant and she's currently level six

Lobo in the bath having finally remembered where to locate it

And Quistis acting like the perfect child!

Weekly stats

Community lots: 1 (Seventh heaven)
Births: 1
Deaths: 0
Jobs unlocked: 0
Uni tax paid: $110
Total sims: 3
Fires: 0
Burglaries: 0
CAS sims earnt: 1

simplesimphony: Mount Forest Ontariosimplesimphony on June 17th, 2013 08:23 pm (UTC)
That was good! And Quistis is adorable. Can't wait to see how she looks as a teenager. XD
Angelic sims: Rinoa Leonhartangelicsims on June 20th, 2013 02:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks :) She is quite cute but has a few issues!