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29 May 2013 @ 11:58 am
[sticky post] Hollyvale BaCC  
Hi and welcome to the home of my BaCC set in Hollyvale! I will be following the rules from here as well as some of the rules mentioned here, mainly the ones for building sim owned businesses.

The exception on unlocked jobs is the military career. The way i am playing, it will be unlocked for any sim that has maxed body and logic skill and maxed fitness.

When starting a new household, i will roll the dice. If i roll an odd number, there will be no challenges. If i roll even then i will roll again for a challenge.

List of possible challenges:

2. Awesomesauce
3. Rainbow legacy
4. Random challenge (if possible)
5. Xenophilia challenge
6. weekly challenges
7. Board game challenge

Any other rules i see fit to tweak will be added here

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